My First Gelato Experience Back in America

Ciao! For my first blog post, I decided to begin the search for something that I had been missing ever since I left Italy on December 30: gelato.

From our arrival in August to our departure in December and through the sun, rain, and snow, my friends and I never got tired of eating gelato, one of Italy’s most famous sweet treats.

While Perugia is a pretty small “city,” we never ran into a lack of gelato shops. Of course, we had our favorites, but all of them had quite exceptional gelato.


Even before I left to study abroad in Perugia, I had heard great things about Dolcezza, a gelato shop with locations all over the Washington, D.C. area, including one in Bethesda, MD and one in Fairfax, VA.

I had never been to any of the Dolcezza locations before, but I had a sweet tooth for gelato and a blog post about Italian food to write, so I ventured to their DuPont location.


When I first walked in, I noticed that every single seat was taken by someone working on a computer. I don’t blame them, the place definitely had a cool, hipster-y ambiance. Based on the people who were there, it seemed as though their coffee bar, which was situated at the front of the shop, was more popular than their gelato bar, which was situated at the back of the store.

They had a wide variety of nontraditional gelato flavors, including Thai Coconut Milk, Black Sesame, and Afghan Chai.

I ordered a cappuccino (and, in doing so, knowingly broke the cardinal rule of Italian coffee culture: ordering a cappuccino after noon – but I’ll save that for another blog post) and a small cup of salted caramel gelato.


I thought both my cappuccino and gelato were delicious. The gelato was super smooth and creamy, without being too heavy. While I had never encountered any of Dolcezza’s flavors while in Italy, including salted caramel, it reminded me of the gelato that I ate way-too-much-of last semester in Perugia.


It wasn’t until I got home and did a little more research on Dolcezza’s website that I had learned that the idea for the store was born in Buenos Aires.

While it definitely seemed as though most of their inspiration for their flavors came from South America and places outside of Italy, I thought they made awesome, authentic gelato.


2 thoughts on “My First Gelato Experience Back in America

  1. Lauren Shiplett says:

    OMG, this post made me want gelato really bad at 10:30 at night. In all honesty, I loved the succinctness of this post – I’ve always wanted to try Dolcezza, but have never wanted to put the effort into venturing out to get it. This blog post had enough detail that made me want to go out and try it without seeming overbearing or excessive. I think you also broke up the chunks of body text well with your photos, which made the post seem shorter and more inviting to read. The photos themselves are also beautiful, and definitely made me hungry! I visited Italy for spring break last year, and will be looking forward to reading your blog to find out where I should go to get the best in the city. Ciao!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. jacksafranko says:

    Having studied abroad in Florence, Italy myself this past Fall semester, I was instantly drawn to this blog post. The nostalgia was certainly real as I read this and I can relate to your sentiments about gelato on many levels. It has been equally difficult for me to return from Italy and not be able to experience authentic Italian cuisine on a daily basis. I had been looking for more authentic Italian in Washington D.C. and will certainly try Dolcezza after your excellent review!


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